beauty+love+light= this...

Hey y'all,

Its been quite a few years since Ive shot with Lauren, the gorgeous beauty in these photos, she contacted me a few weeks ago because she found her person, or rather they found their persons! When I was speaking with a fellow artist a few months ago about why I love my job so much I told him its because of the sheer fact that I get to do life with people, and I'm present for all of these amazing and wonderful moments. Every time someone chooses me to tell their story, I'm humbled and so grateful because I really just love the love. L and A, I couldn't be happier for the both of you, I absolutely loved creating these photos with you and I cant wait to see whats next! So much love to the both of you! Hope you enjoy!



Hello old friend

So its been a while since I posted, but what better time to come back and post than with this gorgeous wedding. Sadge and Micheal lucked out with the most perfect weather and light, it was like a little slice of heaven.  I hope you all enjoy this little teaser and thank you for all your patience and more than anything thank you for letting me tell your story! Love you guys!


Looks like something out of garden and gun

So I had the chance to hang with one of my favorite models today, we have been dying to shoot this gorgeous dress from Free people for a while and finally she found the best location and supporting actor.I love this girl and am so proud of all of her accomplishments,  I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. 


baby love....

So this weekend despite the nasty weather, I got to hang with this little sweet pie. Often I find myself caught up in the emotion of other peoples lives, and for a minute or a second I feel the weight of their worlds.  

Being one who tells the story I find myself in states of high emotion, and it helps me so much to shoot the way that its happening. Watching this family with this baby, I feel their joy, their pride and their most importantly their love. I couldn't be more thankful that I get to be with all my clients through the best times of their lives, I hope that I'm as much of a blessing to them, as they are to me. Enjoy this little piece of the sweet moment.. 

the sweetest peach

Obviously I love what I do, and I'll be honest, I love all my clients like family.. but when I actually get to shoot for one of my inner circle the feelings that I have are just pride and the feeling of being honored to be a part of their lives. This baby is the niece of my sweetest guys, they own the salon that I get my hair done in., check it out its called Shear Rituals and they are both Amazing at what they do! Okay sorry, not sorry that was a shameless plug for my besties..

So getting back to this session, this little peach is turning one, and I'm telling you that she is the sweetest baby. She didn't get upset at the numerous outfit changes or even after we hosed her down after the smash cake, she truly is a little treasure. Capturing this time is probably one of my favorite things to shoot, babies in general are so precious but there is something really cool about this age, its like they are on the cusp of development, they are full of wonder and still so delicate, they will never be this way again, because they change every day. So moral of the story, capture everything, and hold on, take time to smell the flowers and eat cake face first. Enjoy every little piece, and remember to smile. love love love you guys!


Oh and just a little side note, this was probably the best smash cake I have ever seen, not only was it gorgeous, but Jeremy Patterson (cakesbyjeremy@ | insta: cakesbyjeremy ) made this cake with a baby in mind, it wasn't full of sugar, it was perfect, we didn't feel bad about letting her eat it! So make sure you look him up for all your cake needs. 

A little senior and sister love...

I met up with the beautiful Brooke and her sweet mom and sister to shoot her senior pics and grab some shots of her and her sister and her and mom. This weather lately has been such a pain, but thankfully I'm basically a meteorologist and I was able to plan for a break in the weather and man what a gorgeous evening it was! It seriously felt like fall and the light was like heaven, resulting in these gorgeous photos of this sweetie pie! I hope you all really enjoy them and good luck with your senior year honey! 

baby brooks....

So I've already delivered these but the I had to come back and post them because I love them so much! Lisa and Rob you guys have such a beautiful family and Im so glad that I have been able to be there to capture such amazing times in your lives! Love you guys! I can't wait to see whats next!

hockey fam...

So a few days ago I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite families.. I just love each one of them. It feels like just yesterday that we were shooting all these babies in their little Hockey jerseys and now they're all grown up and basically hockey super stars. Nick, Im so excited that I was able to shoot senior pics for you! I wish you nothing but the most success and can't wait to hear about all the adventures you are having! Janis and George, you guys rock! you are an awesome and tough Hockey Momma and Dad!!!!! I hope you guys love these pics and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Summer here at home, I will be cheering you guys on all the way!!!!!

European Wanderlust strikes again....

So Ive been home for 6 days. I am depressed.

Hahaha okay maybe depressed is not the correct word. I spent two weeks abroad eating, sleeping, and having the time of my life with some of the most amazing people...ever. During the time that I was gone, we were in Ibiza, Spain, which is pretty much the European version of Florida, but with the coolest rocks and mountains and pretty much clearest water I have seen since Grand Caymen. During a visit to one of the popular beaches called Cala D'hort we met an amazing woman who owned a shop on the beach, after talking for several minutes I decided that It would be so fun to shoot for her, and so I did. I can't even tell you how fun it is to shoot other landscapes in other countries.. Amazing.. here are a few pics from the shoot with these gorgeous people.  Hope you all enjoy!

wedding bells...soon.

I first met Brittany when I shot with her for Rusty Crickett's prom look book, and her pictures today are still some of my favorites! Shooting engagement photos for her was such a privilege and meeting her sweet fiancé was so great because she truly deserved someone as wonderful as him! I can't wait to shoot this wedding, and it'll be here before we know it! I hope you guys enjoy these sweet pics! xoxo.

its all about touch...

Shooting with newborns has always been one of my favorite things to shoot, but there is something about twins that I love so much, maybe because my Dad is a twin, or maybe its just the way they touch each other. Once I was shooting a set of twins that were simultaneously crying and when I put them together, instantly that stopped crying and held on to each other. It was a remarkable thing to watch and Ill never forget it. These sweet babes put on such a great show for me and I enjoyed spending time with this whole fam... until next time, enjoy! xoxo. 


Flower child

So I had the pleasure of photographing two fellow photographers this month and this one, we have been trying to get together for what seems like years! One of the things that I can say about Krystle is that she is an absolutely gorgeous momma! (Dads pretty great too!)But watching her interact with her babies, and the fact that the kids are so stinking cute I can't even take it made this such a fun shoot for me!  I hope that you guys all enjoy this little sneak peak.. xo. 

take a walk with me....

People always ask me about where the best location  to do photos is and every time my first thought is what haven't I shot in a while that will go with the style of clothing.. Im kind of obsessed with not over using my favorite spots which can become a really daunting task. That brings me to last night... I had the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous couples engagement photos, and while I was driving down to meet them I remembered this little neighborhood that had beautiful light, and I thought yes,... lets go there. Sometimes the best photo sessions involve just taking a simple walk. Photos can speak volumes about relationships and love, and this is the perfect example that its more about the people than the location. I absolutely loved what we came up with and I can't wait for their wedding! Enjoy! 

two years.

This family is probably one of my favorite families that I get to work with, I have been shooting with them for quite a while and I think that I cherish all of memories like they are my own! One of the things I love the most about my job is really connecting with families and especially these kiddos! Now I know for sure that each one of them loves me so much.. hahahahah especially J, taking pics is his fav thing to do! hahahah for those of you who can't tell I'm being sarcastic I am, besides that though he is always so good to me! Ill take all of the outtakes and funny moments and cherish the crap out of them, cause thats what makes up life! So just a little peak into our little sweetie pies 2nd birthday shoot! Enjoy! xoxoxo! 

M+C love day

So this couple wins the patience of the year award! I shot this wedding back in April and it has been such a crazy few months that I just finished it! YAY! Okay so anyways, I met up M & C last year when I shot their engagement photos and the first thing I noticed about them was that they were so fun together, they could laugh with each other and be silly without being embarrassed... that my friends, is when you can tell that they really love and accept each other equally. I feel so proud to have been a part of this absolutely gorgeous and super fun wedding! I hope you guys enjoy this little peak into there wedding day! So much more to come and wishing you all a lifetime of happiness! 


baby moon....

Last week I met up with the S family to grab some family va ca photos of there stay on the beach.  having boys myself is wonderful but I have to say that I had so much fun with all these girlies, theres something about the way that they play that is just so gentle and sweet and girly.. hahaha I'm sure if you've witnessed girls vs boys playing, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I wish they lived closer so I could meet the newest edition, but maybe sometime again in the future. S family, it was my pleasure to take these photos, I hope you guys have a wonderful stay and enjoy your pics!

and so it begins with a ring and promise.....

Meeting A and E was like having a ray of sunshine follow me around during my shoot. These two came to me to shoot photos for their upcoming wedding and I can honestly say I have loved watching their story unfold. Both A and E have shown me what it means to love and be loved, and to honor and cherish every moment together. I absolutely loved working with them, it felt more like a fun hang out than a job, I can't wait to be the hand the shoots their wedding and I so look forward to many memories to come. A and E,  I can't wait for you guys to see these photos! Cheers to the future my loves. xo.                                                                                                                                                        

a little ballet love....

5 years ago I was in the Sarasota Ballet studio photographing the youth ballet girls, In the line up there was one little girl who was absolutely gorgeous and she had the best eyeliner I had ever seen on a younger girl, flash forward 5 years later, this girl contacted me to take some updated photos of her and when I saw her I couldn't believe my eyes, she was all grown up! And has matured into a beautiful young woman with so much talent. I hope you all enjoy the beauty and grace that this girl dances with. I know that I enjoyed taking these pics so much! I can't  wait till our next shoot! 

sweeter than whoopie pies....

So last week I got to meet this little sweetie pie and all I can say is she was so much fun!! Slept like a champ. and let me snuggle her right up! K and R you guys have such a beautiful family and I so enjoyed hanging out with you guys and taking some awesome pics! Hope you all treasure them for years to come!