the sweetest peach

Obviously I love what I do, and I'll be honest, I love all my clients like family.. but when I actually get to shoot for one of my inner circle the feelings that I have are just pride and the feeling of being honored to be a part of their lives. This baby is the niece of my sweetest guys, they own the salon that I get my hair done in., check it out its called Shear Rituals and they are both Amazing at what they do! Okay sorry, not sorry that was a shameless plug for my besties..

So getting back to this session, this little peach is turning one, and I'm telling you that she is the sweetest baby. She didn't get upset at the numerous outfit changes or even after we hosed her down after the smash cake, she truly is a little treasure. Capturing this time is probably one of my favorite things to shoot, babies in general are so precious but there is something really cool about this age, its like they are on the cusp of development, they are full of wonder and still so delicate, they will never be this way again, because they change every day. So moral of the story, capture everything, and hold on, take time to smell the flowers and eat cake face first. Enjoy every little piece, and remember to smile. love love love you guys!


Oh and just a little side note, this was probably the best smash cake I have ever seen, not only was it gorgeous, but Jeremy Patterson (cakesbyjeremy@ | insta: cakesbyjeremy ) made this cake with a baby in mind, it wasn't full of sugar, it was perfect, we didn't feel bad about letting her eat it! So make sure you look him up for all your cake needs.