portfolio building..

About 8 years ago I started my journey to becoming a photographer and wow what a journey it has been. I have traveled the world, made friends that are like family and I have witnessed and captured so many special moments. When I first started shooting obviously I was in the "portfolio building" stage, which basically meant that I was shooting a lot for free, which was fine, accept I still needed to feed my children. Once I became established I kind of put portfolio building behind me and just worked.. until last week. 

Over a year ago, I cancelled my subscription to my website because I was so sick of all the pictures and content, I felt that they were outdated and were not a good representation of my work anymore. I did this thinking that I would turn right around and build a new website.. which didn't happen until now. So this is it, my new website.. finally! However, while I was going through all my hard drives I realized that I was severely deficient in maternity and mens fashion/fitness. So I started portfolio building again. And it was fun! I pulled a model from an agency and I loved what I ended up with. I think I forgot how fun it is to just shoot for me... So enjoy!