beauty+love+light= this...

Hey y'all,

Its been quite a few years since Ive shot with Lauren, the gorgeous beauty in these photos, she contacted me a few weeks ago because she found her person, or rather they found their persons! When I was speaking with a fellow artist a few months ago about why I love my job so much I told him its because of the sheer fact that I get to do life with people, and I'm present for all of these amazing and wonderful moments. Every time someone chooses me to tell their story, I'm humbled and so grateful because I really just love the love. L and A, I couldn't be happier for the both of you, I absolutely loved creating these photos with you and I cant wait to see whats next! So much love to the both of you! Hope you enjoy!



wedding bells...soon.

I first met Brittany when I shot with her for Rusty Crickett's prom look book, and her pictures today are still some of my favorites! Shooting engagement photos for her was such a privilege and meeting her sweet fiancé was so great because she truly deserved someone as wonderful as him! I can't wait to shoot this wedding, and it'll be here before we know it! I hope you guys enjoy these sweet pics! xoxo.

take a walk with me....

People always ask me about where the best location  to do photos is and every time my first thought is what haven't I shot in a while that will go with the style of clothing.. Im kind of obsessed with not over using my favorite spots which can become a really daunting task. That brings me to last night... I had the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous couples engagement photos, and while I was driving down to meet them I remembered this little neighborhood that had beautiful light, and I thought yes,... lets go there. Sometimes the best photo sessions involve just taking a simple walk. Photos can speak volumes about relationships and love, and this is the perfect example that its more about the people than the location. I absolutely loved what we came up with and I can't wait for their wedding! Enjoy! 

and so it begins with a ring and promise.....

Meeting A and E was like having a ray of sunshine follow me around during my shoot. These two came to me to shoot photos for their upcoming wedding and I can honestly say I have loved watching their story unfold. Both A and E have shown me what it means to love and be loved, and to honor and cherish every moment together. I absolutely loved working with them, it felt more like a fun hang out than a job, I can't wait to be the hand the shoots their wedding and I so look forward to many memories to come. A and E,  I can't wait for you guys to see these photos! Cheers to the future my loves. xo.                                                                                                                                                        

a little hometown love...

So for those of you who know me, know that one of my favorite things about this job is the relationships that I have been so blessed with. This couple is so special to my heart, cause I have been shooting with them since they were in high school, and I just LOVE this whole family! Shooting J's sisters wedding was so much fun and here we are again but this time its his turn. R, you my friend are GORGEOUS! I don't think I could take a bad picture of you, I can't wait to see you as a bride!

Shooting with couples is always interesting but I can say that I really love the way you guys love each other, you've always been so constant and sure of each other, J, you remind me of your dad and love he has for your mom, thank you both for letting me be a part of your story. I hope that you guys enjoy these pics and I can't wait for the wedding!