beauty+love+light= this...

Hey y'all,

Its been quite a few years since Ive shot with Lauren, the gorgeous beauty in these photos, she contacted me a few weeks ago because she found her person, or rather they found their persons! When I was speaking with a fellow artist a few months ago about why I love my job so much I told him its because of the sheer fact that I get to do life with people, and I'm present for all of these amazing and wonderful moments. Every time someone chooses me to tell their story, I'm humbled and so grateful because I really just love the love. L and A, I couldn't be happier for the both of you, I absolutely loved creating these photos with you and I cant wait to see whats next! So much love to the both of you! Hope you enjoy!



Hello old friend

So its been a while since I posted, but what better time to come back and post than with this gorgeous wedding. Sadge and Micheal lucked out with the most perfect weather and light, it was like a little slice of heaven.  I hope you all enjoy this little teaser and thank you for all your patience and more than anything thank you for letting me tell your story! Love you guys!