baby love....

So this weekend despite the nasty weather, I got to hang with this little sweet pie. Often I find myself caught up in the emotion of other peoples lives, and for a minute or a second I feel the weight of their worlds.  

Being one who tells the story I find myself in states of high emotion, and it helps me so much to shoot the way that its happening. Watching this family with this baby, I feel their joy, their pride and their most importantly their love. I couldn't be more thankful that I get to be with all my clients through the best times of their lives, I hope that I'm as much of a blessing to them, as they are to me. Enjoy this little piece of the sweet moment.. 

its all about touch...

Shooting with newborns has always been one of my favorite things to shoot, but there is something about twins that I love so much, maybe because my Dad is a twin, or maybe its just the way they touch each other. Once I was shooting a set of twins that were simultaneously crying and when I put them together, instantly that stopped crying and held on to each other. It was a remarkable thing to watch and Ill never forget it. These sweet babes put on such a great show for me and I enjoyed spending time with this whole fam... until next time, enjoy! xoxo.