among the flowers...

Last week I took a little drive and met up with one of my favorite families to shoot some updated pics of miss S, every time I see this little sweet babe she's changed so much, and this time was no different. Besides being a gorgeous family they are so fun! I always look forward to spending time with them, and this time we shot at her families home with was covered in bougainvillea, it reminded me of being in Satorini greece a few years ago, and makes for some pretty beautiful shots! Hope you all enjoy, until next time!




Sweet face

For those of you who grew up in Bradenton, know how it is to still see the people that you went to school with, but for those of you who are blessed are able to still call them friends you'll understand when I say that it is so special to see them grow up, get married, and have babies.. this little sweet face belongs to my best friend, who I have been friends with since Middle school. I love her and I love her babies.. and honestly who couldn't with a face like this!

portfolio update

The other day I met up with my friend Lindsay, she was needing a portfolio update for her talent agency. A lot of times I will do a quick session with a few looks just to get some fresh pics for a model portfolio. Lindsay and I met up in probably on of the coolest locations and although it was pretty dirty, we scored some really quality shots. Thanks Ben B. for the hookup and I hope you all enjoy!