This page is to help those who are booking sessions. I shoot so much more than just these types of session, but I wanted to create something to help answer my most frequently asked about sessions. 

please scroll down to read about a few of the different types sessions and products that I offer. If you have any questions please feel free to click the button to contact me!

m a t e r n i t y•

Maternity photography is such a wonderful keepsake of such and important time of your lives. People ask me all the time when is it the right time to take maternity photos, most of the time my answer is very generic and vague.. sorry. Ideally, maternity will be shot between 32 and 36 weeks... However, the most important key to having a successful maternity session is to book it when you feel ready. Most women know when they feel pretty and the most comfortable in their pregnancy, and most importantly, think about what you’d like to remember. If you want to have a cute little bump and have more clothing options and less stretch marks, then you may want to shoot between 30-32 weeks...(also keep in mind I can Photoshop those stretch marks) the bottom line is that it is entirely up to you, I'm here to capture moments in your story, not write it for you, so feel free to have fun with it and know that I got your back!  

n e w b o r n•

Awwwwwwwwhhhhhhh. I know right. Babies are such a precious part of life, but newborns... newborns can actually restore your faith in humanity. Basically their tiny perfect bodies, squishy lips, and perfect newborn curl are what make my newborn photos, mine. I will be honest, every time I see a baby in a studio with props and all kinds of things around them, my heart skips a beat, but that is not how I do newborns. My favorite things about shooting newborns is seeing there faces up close, there tiny hands and feet and watching a new Mommy and Daddy just completely in love with this perfect treasure that they made together. During my
newborn sessions Moms and Dads can expect that I will take pics of just the baby, mom and baby, dad and baby, and siblings and baby. I also love shooting newborns on location, but all of that is heavily predicated on two things, parental comfort level, and weather. Best time to schedule a newborn session is to contact me when you get home from the hospital and get settled, and I will get you on the calendar within the next few days.  I prefer to shoot when baby is around 5-7 days, to ensure that we havent lost that sleepy baby, or newborn curl that they have. Dont get me wrong, im a momma myself and understand that sometimes that window passes quickly and we miss the opportunity to make it within the first week, fear not, I love shooting with babies anytime, but I keep in mind that the expectation of what we get from baby might be different. For instance your baby may not sleep, which is fine with me, ill take em anyway I can get them. After all, I get my baby fix and you get shots of your little peanut. I know you will probably have a million questions and I am happy to answer all of them, so feel free to call or text me and we can figure this thing out together! 

f a m i l y •

Family sessions can be booked any time of year. I shoot every day of the week, however my weekends tend to fill up faster. I offer two types of session a full session, or a half session. If you have any questions regarding booking a family session, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can explain the differences and help you decide which session is right for you and your family. 

w e d d i n g• 

Wedding photography is so much fun to shoot,and there is nothing more amazing then people who share your vision and are willing to allow me to capture there special moments. Normally photographers stick to a package type pricing, but due the to different types of budgets and needs, I quote every wedding on an individual basis. Weddings are booked year round, so if you are interested in booking your wedding with us, please contact me first to determine if your wedding day is available. 

gift certificates•

Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination, they are non-refundable, but fully transferable. Every gift certificate will expire 1 calendar year from the purchase date unless specified otherwise. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to purchase.